Alle albums met de Greyhound Blues Band of leden daarvan.
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2008, CD Blues Rhythm `n Love

2de soloalbum; Jon Meyerjon & GBB, Gene Taylor en Hans Elmers
Studio Lucan

blue box blues
sometimes I will
i know you will
for a breath of time
easy street blues
flash back love
lonesome Rosie
cold (blues in g-minor)
lookin’ in
future be told
strolling up a shady lane
gotta find yourself an other dog
ain’t easy
nobody’s blues
happy as a man can be
click clack woman

songs: meyerjon


2004, CD Greyhound Blues Band

2003, internet-cd, Forgott'n Tracks

Wigo Audio Support #
Studio Lucan ##

been down so long (trad.) #
tell me mama (trad.) #
hooked for you (meyerjon) ##
walkin' days (gbb*) #
send for me (jones) ##
feel so good (broonzy) #
think it's desire (meyerjon) #
dangerzone (mayfield) ##
last night (jacobs) #
lightning bug (convay) #
streets are wild (meyerjon) ##
came home this morning (meyerjon) ##
crying for my baby (burrage) ##

* tekst meyerjon


2003, CD Make room for the blues

Zeldzame opnames met B.J.Hegen, Harry Kruijer, Wim Hoving, Marcel van der Veen
Radio Noord / Master WigoAS

highway 34 (hegen)
tom cat blues (hicks)
when i came in (edwards)
no 12 and 10 train (milburn)
hold out (mcray)
won't do that no more (hegen)


2001, CD Doggone it!

Soloalbum: Jon Meyerjon & GBB, Jeroen Meijering en Toon Meyer
Studio Lucan

geetee's song
shake it for me (dixon)
can't getta sleeping 
these babes
just a dream (broonzy)
ease off 
cricket blues
highway 28
chili blues 
don't mind people grinning (trad)
if you go 

Hidden track
i'm hooked

songs: meyerjon behalve daar waar het staat genoteerd


1999, CD Take It Or Leave It

Feat. Eb Davis en Willie Pollack
Wigo Audiosupport

young fashion ways  (waters)
lightning bug (convay)
honey hush (fulson)
juice head woman (williams)
reconsider baby (fulson)
blues town (davis)
can't getta sleeping (meyerjon)
bright lights big city (reed)
memphis tennessee (davis)
i love to sing the blues (davis)
you can help yourself (reed)


1997, CD Doggone II
1996, CD Doggone Blues

Live At The Lost Horizon
Studio Lucan

streets are wild  (meyerjon)
lightning bug (convay)
walkin' days (gbb*)
bar room blues (trad/gbb)
last night (jacobs)
bag of gold blues (gbb*)
think it's desire (meyerjon)
gee_i_wish (love)
years go passing bye (malone)
scratch my back (moore)

good men need no rules (gbb + tekst jmj
help me (williams)



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